A) Management & Organization of reservations through the website of the accommodation

Installation on the accommodation website, commissioning and support of the WebHotelier booking engine which is the most widespread booking engine in Greece (more than 2000 accommodations) with a significant international presence. WebHotelier converts the visitors of the accommodation website into customers directly without any other mediation (telephone, fax, email), without paying expensive commissions to intermediaries and without commitments.

WebHotelier is available with low initial cost and low booking fee, with no annual fee or other flat costs. It is a complete technological solution, multilingual and user-friendly, safe, reliable and easy to use for the hotelier, with features and tools that will make the accommodation website an effective seller.

B) Management & Organization of reservations on third channels

INNTEC undertakes the allocation of the accommodation resources (rooms, etc.) to the major international online booking channels (IDS), including Booking.com, Expedia, Venere, Hotels.com, Hotel.info, Agoda, and others, depending on the profile and needs of each accommodation.

In addition, rooms are available in over 450,000 travel agencies worldwide through GDS (Global Distribution Systems).

INNTEC can undertake all the relevant actions, from the initial registration to the overall day-to-day management, as well as the implementation of a dynamic and flexible pricing policy (Revenue Management). That is, increase the confirmed bookings of the accommodation, paying a commission on the actual nights without fixed costs.

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