A) Implementation of a functional & modern website

The appropriate website is the showcase and the foundation of the online presence of the accommodation.

INNTEC provides free evaluation of the existing website of the accommodation and undertakes with its partners the construction of the new or the improvement of the old website (if possible), so that it is dynamic, elegant, modern, easy to use and turns its visitors into customers of the accommodation.

It also provides content management services (regular updating of the website with news, seasonal offers, etc.) and detailed monitoring and evaluation of statistical data from the website and other channels.

B) SEO, Google Adwords, and e-mail marketing

Even the best website needs proper promotion to perform.

INNTEC undertakes the configuration of the accommodation website in order to "come out" high in the search engines for the keywords they are interested in, by creating targeted advertising campaigns Google Adwords (Pay Per Click) or email marketing. At the same time, it monitors and examines in detail the statistical data and the results of the advertisements, taking in time any necessary corrective actions.

C) Creating a dynamic presence on social networks

Take advantage of the opportunities provided by social networks to attract more customers. As the habits of the internet users change, it is important that the accommodation is where its prospective customers are looking. Social networks, when used properly, are the ultimate place where one can communicate with them, publish their offers and be rewarded for their quality and loyalty.

INNTEC undertakes the correct presence of the accommodation on the main social media (facebook, twitter, flickr, etc) and the websites of critics (TripAdvisor, Trivago etc), while it can respond on behalf of the accommodation to all comments and any negative (but and positive reviews (Reputation Management).

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